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  • Tiles at Stroscher Grove
  • Tiles at Stroscher Grove
  • Tiles at Stroscher Grove

8|Tile Panels at Stroscher Grove

Melissa Tomson and Patricia Waterman

These panels mounted on masonry balusters depict the journey of Frederica and Wilhelm Stroschein, who settled the land in 1887 and to whom the triptych is dedicated. They were created by local artists Melissa Thomson and Patricia Waterman. It is set in the shadows of the Inn at the Mission at the corner of Del Obispo and Ortega. The panels are approximately 2′ X 2′ and consist of 8” ceramic tiles and are dedicated to the Stroschein Family.

About the Artists

Melissa and Patricia opened the Ceramics Studio in 2011. Since then the Studio has served the public in creating unique works of ceramic art.  Melissa took her Master of Fine Arts at Cal State Northridge and Patricia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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