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  • Stations of the Cross - Jesus condemned to death
    Jesus condemned to death
  • Stations of the Cross - Simon helps Jesus
    Simon helps Jesus
  • Stations of the Cross - Jesus dies on the Cross
    Jesus dies on the Cross

16|The Stations of the Cross

Lance Jost

Shown here are three images of the fifteen Stations of the Cross at Saddleback Rancho Capistrano Church.  These images may be the best-kept secret of San Juan Capistrano. They are an exceptional rendition of mosaic tiles and carved images placed in an idyllic setting on a pathway on the church grounds that reflects the last journey of Jesus. The panels are not immediately visible and one needs guidance as to their location  Having found them, these stations are a beautiful and peaceful journey in meditating the Passion of Christ. 


The easiest access to the Stations of the Cross grove is a short walk via the pathway starting from the main roadway and on the southern side of the lake. 

About the Artist

Lance Jost was commissioned by the Saddleback Church in 2014 to create these beautiful examples of mosaic and relief images of Christ during his trek to the Cross. He is well known for “Breaching Whale” (16’x8’) and “Surfers at Sunset” (4’x8’) murals at the Pedestrian Bridge Overpass to Doheny Beach, Dana Point. He also created the Mary Ellen Thomas Memorial Fountain in Dana Point.  Lance has a degree from Cal State in Long Beach, 1964, and an MFA from Cal State Fullerton, 1964.  Lance is a resident of San Juan Capistrano.

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