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17|The Mammuthus Columbi

Columbian Mammoth remains have been unearthed just a few miles south of San Juan Capistrano. This sculpture represents one of the largest of the mammoth species and one of the largest elephants to have ever lived. The Columbian Mammoth stood over 12 feet tall at their shoulder and weighed over 5 tons. A healthy specimen had a lifespan between 60 and 80 years. The species is now extinct but appears to have been one of the most common mammoths roaming North America during the Ice Age.

This is the smaller of two sculptures the artist created for Mammoth Equities, the developer of the property at  29122 Rancho Viejo Road in the courtyard of the Capistrano Ridge Office Complex. Created in 2006 it took 10 months to complete. The larger sculpture was removed in 2020 due to unstable footing and moved to the Lucerne Valley where it will be reassembled.

About the Artist

Mammuthus Columbi was designed and created on location by Danny Salzhandler, a resident of Encinitas. He specializes in bio sculptures of large animals as well as abstract animal art in stainless steel and his work is located throughout Southern California. You can see a video of the sculpture in design here, and the dismantling here.

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