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  • Mural - Old San Juan
    Old San Juan
  • Mural - Old San Juan, Taming of the Bear
    Taming of the Bear
    Bears (1860) would become a sort of sport for the Vaqueros, where they would rope them from varying angles and pit them against bulls for entertainment.
  • Mural - Old San Juan, The Portola Expedition
    The Portola Expedition
    The Portola Expedition was the first land-based exploration of California by the Spanish to establish Catholic missions and to create a Spanish (European) foothold in California (Alta California)
  • Mural - Old San Juan, The Acjachemen/Putuidem Village
    The Acjachemen/Putuidem Village
    The village of Acjachemen and the close proximity to Putuidem would provide a workforce for the building of the Mission and souls to convert.

3|Old San Juan

Randy Morgan

There is a new large and resplendent mural on the front of Capistrano Plaza facing the heart of downtown San Juan Capistrano. This beautiful work of art is made up of seven separate bas relief clay panels each of which depicts an event from the early history of San Juan Capistrano relating to the Mission and the founding of the Los Rios Historic District. The 11-foot high, 7-foot long mural was commissioned by property owner Dan Almquist and created by Randy Morgan, a prominent Laguna Beach artist. Each mural is titled as shown above and has a descriptive plaque describing its characterization. Due to space limitations on this page, only three of the seven can be shown.

About the Artist

Randy Morgan is a renowned master sculptor, who for over 40 years has worked as an architectural artist. His work is sought after by developers, architects, art collectors, and eclectic homeowners alike. He is the creator of the Waterman’s Wall and the Laguna Panorama which are the two largest art pieces in Laguna Beach, California. These beautiful art murals are a part of a series that make up Randy’s “Roadmap of Art Walls” which stretches from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Chico, California. The Roadmap of Wall murals can be viewed on his website.

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